Press N’ Open Book Light

Have you seen those commercials for the Snuggie Fleece Blanket that comes with a free “Press N’ Open Book light”?  Well, I bought that book light at Albertson’s last week and it’s crap.

Yeah, it’s real neat that you press a button and the light automatically pops out and it looks very cool when it opens but it only shows the page down the middle.  It’s a total waste of plastic.  It was $5 alone at the store and comes free with the Snuggie but I wouldn’t waste any time with it.

A friend sent me a Mighty Bright Cobra Super L.E.D. book light and not only does it show the page you are reading but it also shows the other page so you don’t have to keep moving the light.  It is way better than the crappy Press N’ Open light.

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