Hot Ride

Today it was 100 degrees.  Yes, in April it was that hot.  Normally the summer heat begins on May 1st but apparently it was early.  The 5 day forecast says that it’s going to be in the 80’s – 90’s so hopefully it won’t be too bad.

But since it was 100 degrees today it was a test for me to see if I could take it or not.  Apparently I passed because it wasn’t really that bad.  However, there was cool wind so it wasn’t a fair test.  Normally when it’s hot outside the wind is hot so I’m not sure how good of a test it was.

I will find out in either May or June how bad it’s going to be.  But no matter what temperature it is going to be I’m going to tough it out because I really want to lose this weight.

I’m thinking about adding ice packs to the inside of the CamelBak so that it will keep me cool on my back at least.  That will keep me cool and so I won’t die of heat exhaustion and it will keep the water cold in the process.  Luckily there are a lot of shady areas that I can rest in along the bike path in the parks and rest stop at Manor Street.

I just gotta remember to keep sunblock in stock and in my frame bag.  Oh and I’m going to have to reinstall the water cage on the frame to carry an extra bottle of water because today I had to refill my CamelBak with water from a drinking fountain and it tasted like a freakin garden hose.  YUCK!  No thank you, I’d much rather have clean and filtered water.

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