Credit Card Theft

I wasn’t going to blog about this because I had resolved it with the bank so it was a non issue.  But I did a search on it and find that it is a huge issue.

This company who goes by many different names, or maybe, possibly there are many companies doing the same thing.  One of the names is, another is Digismarket.  The name on my statement is Electronic Business Res.  They charge you $4.95 for services that are never rendered.  They are an online bookstore or so they say they are, selling e-books but you never get an e-book.  You don’t even get an email telling you that they are ripping you off but in the bank statement it gives me a transaction number and a phone number which is out of service.

As I said I wasn’t going to blog about this but I feel that it’s something that people really need to know about.  Make sure you check your bank statement or credit card statement often to make sure it’s not there.  Or better yet, call the credit card company or your bank and just request a new card so you can have a new credit card number just in case.

Good luck

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