Very Disappointed With Things That Came in the Mail Today

Well, I finally got my packages today and I’m not happy at all.  The battery came way earlier than it should have and I was ecstatic about that but it doesn’t fit.  It’s too wide.  I plugged it in and it turned the Dell DJ on instantly but since the battery was dead it said low battery and shut off.

The frame bag is way too big, that’s why I bought the cheaper one because I thought it was going to be smaller.  It covers my drink holder, where will I put my bottle of water now?  I could shove it over so it doesn’t cover my water cage I guess.

The pump doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.  Sure it pumps the tire up but the gauge doesn’t show me how much pressure is in the tire.  What is the point of having a pump with a pressure gauge if it doesn’t work?

I can live with the big frame bag, I can even live with a pump that doesn’t do it’s job (gauge).  I just wanted a mini pump and that’s what I got with a bonus feature (that doesn’t work).  But the Dell DJ battery, that one I cannot keep and deal with.  That one has to go back and I’m back at square one.  No music.

I was just thinking, if I plug the battery in but then strap it to the back of the Dell DJ with a rubber band then charge it, I wonder if it will still work.  It will be a little bit bulky but at this point I really don’t care.  I just want my DJ back.

I’m calming down now, trying to find a silver lining.

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