No on Prop 8

I need to ask for your help. There is an unfair ballot proposition that, if passed, will take away my fundamental rights. This is really important to me. Will you help me defeat Prop. 8?

Prop. 8 would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples. I trust you agree that eliminating fundamental rights – from anyone – is just wrong.

I hope you are already planning to vote NO. If you are, there are three things you can do below.

But just in case you’re unsure, I want you to know the real deal.

Virtually every major paper in California is against Prop 8. The L.A. Times says it is “a drastic step to strip people of rights.” La Opinión called Prop 8 “an unnecessary initiative”. The San Diego Union Tribune wrote that Prop 8 “offends many Californians’ sense of fairness.”

If that doesn’t convince you, I hope you’ll email me so we can talk about this.

If you plan to vote NO, there are a few easy things to help ensure it is defeated.

  1. Email everyone you know and care about and get them to help us defeat Prop 8.  Send them a message at  You can quickly and easily send messages.
  2. Make a donation. The other side has raised over $10 million more than us.  They are using their war chest to spread lies and misinformation. Your donation will help us reach undecided voters who need to hear that Prop. 8 is wrong and unfair.
  3. Volunteer your time. Sign up to call undecided voters or help out in field offices across the state.

Thank you for doing all you can to defeat Prop. 8.

Here are some videos that I personally have not seen on TV and I really don’t know why.

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