Light Set for Bike

My light set finally came today.  I bought it exactly a week ago on Saturday and it came today which is a Saturday hehe.  That’s ok, I wasn’t too impatient… NOT!

I installed it immediately and almost right away I ran into a huge snag.  The headlight could be installed in 1 of 3 locations.  2 places on the handlebars, the screw on top that you use to adjust the handlebars but that screw doesn’t come out.  You unscrew it and it is connected to the bottom of the pipe to tighten the handlebars so when you adjust it to go up or down it tightens.  Then there is a screw in the middle of the handlebars in the front that you use to adjust the handlebars to tilt them up or down.  That screw comes out but it was too thick to go into the hole for the light bracket.

So my only alternative was the brakes.  As soon as I took the screws off the brakes I messed things up.  The diagram shows that you have to remove the brakes and put the light behind them so it’s all the way in the back which I was able to do no problem.  But when I went to replace the brakes and tightened the nuts the brakes wouldn’t work.  They were locked in place.  I didn’t put it back on right and the way the spring is on there you cannot put something behind it.  It’s just not done.  So I had to take the light off and figure out how to get the brakes back on right which I eventually did.  I got the manual out but couldn’t find it in there.  It then occurred to me to look at the back brakes to see how they are installed lol DUH.  Anyway, I got them back on and put the light in the very front of the brakes.  It’s all good now.

The generator got put in place and so did the back light.  It all works.  Although I can’t really tell in the daytime, I have to ride it when the sun goes down to see how well it all works.  From what I remember when I was a teenager and having this same light system the lights aren’t very bright when you are riding a normal speed which I guess is 10mph.  When you are going down hill the lights turn on bright because you picked up speed.  So it makes sense that when you go faster the lights go brighter.  And of course as soon as you stop the lights turn off.

I’m just glad to have it finally so I was able to check that off my wish list for the bike.

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